Monday, May 16, 2011

All about me and my friend Jesiah.

Hi my name is Kane and this is my friend Jesiah we alln like to play bullrush but sometimes we don't. Jesiah and I are very smart thinkers at times. We play cop and robbers. Sometimes my team wins and it feels great. l'm the best at those kind of games because they never get me very often.

One day when we were playing cops and robbers, some of my friends got tagged by Roman and Billy who are both really fast runners! I helped my own team out when I can. Jesiah and I hide in good spots where they never find us. When they finally found us we sprinting as fast as we could. They were chasing us, getting closer closer but we boosted it until we had lost them. We were hiding by the Breeze when suddenly the bell rang and we had to run before they saw us. We got away! We were safe and we had won!

My tower.

Last Friday the first week of term 2 we had a paper tower building competition. The team that makes the highest tower wins. Dillon, Jesiah and I built a tower that was so tall that it couldn't stand up. When we tried to make it stand it would always fall down. We even tried to fix it by bending it and using more glue but this did not work. We had 10 more minutes. Mr S came and helped us a little bit and it still did not stand up! We try cutting out a square of paper to stick the tripod legs to.

It was standing up for 20secs before the wind blew it over. We had 5 minutes to go! Carlos didn’t know what to do to make his tower bigger, better and Stronger. Carlos came up with the idea to join our teams together andjoin his tower with ours. This plan worked, it luckily only fell down once time was up. The tallest tower was Andrea's and she won.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Holiday - Youth Pride

In the holiday on Friday I went to Youth Pride and we had a shared lunch. I bring 3 chips and 3 Biscuits and I was playing Master and basketball too. When we did that we sat down and went in our team. I was in team 3 with my friends. We did some games and running too. After that we got ready to eat the food. I was so hungry and there was lots of food and biscuits.