Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monarch Buttererfly

Generation atfer generation, monarch Butterflies have layed their eggs on swan plants. It takes 2 weeks for the egg hatch to come out of his egg. The caturpillors came out and eat his own egg. He started eating lots of leaves on the trees to get fat to turn in to a chrysalis. It turn into a Chrysalis and hang on a Branches it take 2 week to come out to be a buttererfly. After the 2 weeks it hatche and turn into a buttererfly.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Honey Bee

From one flower to the next, honey bees flit their wings as they collect precious nectar. Honey bees dodge, zigzag and buzz around towards flowers.. They suck up the nectar to make honey and spread pollen to help flowers grow.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rugby Prize Giving

On Saturday we had our rugby prize giving to give out trophies. There were lots of trophies on the table. We got ready to give out trophies for the 6yr olds up to 15yr old team.
I won 2 trophies. I won the player of the year and top try scorer. Some of the other teams had more trophies than me. There were 5 small and 1 big trophies to give out. 6 year olds got 3 and 8yr olds got 1. There were 2 more trophy left 1 small trophy and 1 big trophy and I got the biggest trophy out of the team. I was so happy that I got the biggest trophy.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was born in 1540. Queen Elizabeth told Sir Francis Drake to steal treasure and money from the Spanish. So he got spices, treasure and money and took them to Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth told Sir Francis Drake to sail proudly for England. He became the first Englishman to circumnavigate the world and go back to England he was also the first European to go to western Canada.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cross Country

Nervously waiting on the cold hard concrete, I challenged myself to beat my mates at today's cross country. I thought it was going to rain but, as the race started it was only cold and really muddy. I was so tired and dizzy I thought that I was going to have to stop. After I had sprinted for the finish line I felt so proud of my self as I had come fourth.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world.

With heaps of determination and perseverance, Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world, on his boat the Lionheart.

Jesse Martin cooked pancakes on new year as he circumnavigated the world.

When Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world, he stayed on his boat for 11 months.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ferdinand Magellan

Magellan was born in 1480 in Portugal. He asked the king of Spain if he could have a boat and some money to discover a new trade route to India. So Spain gave Magellan a boat. He sailed west around the world to get to India. Magellan was able to reach the Phillipines. He was so close to India but he was killed in a battle by a tribal chief.

Our Movie about Christopher Columbus

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Magic Number Seven

Seven is a magic number - at least it is for me! Against Marist, last Saturday, I scored seven tries. Straight from kick off I got my first try. At one point a really fast boy from the other team almost got a try, but I caught him and tackled him. It was a great game, and thanks to me, we won!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Christopher Columbus

In 1400 Christopher Columbus asked his King of Spain if he could have some money and a ship to sail west to get to India. He called the Native Americans Indians.
CHristopher Columbus sail to west America and back to Europe. He was the first one to go to America and return back to Europe. He went over the Atlantic Ocean. The Europeans called the Americas the New World.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Pirate Story - July

Our group put our words from our stories about pirates in wordle net.It was cool because we liked to see our story in wordle. When you see big writing that is an important word from our stories, smaller words are less used ones.
by Iva, Kane, Studamyer

The Eruption of New York - July 1

What did I enjoy about it? I enjoyed making our movie. What could we have done better? Not play around during work time. What part did we do really well? Writing our voice over. What did I learn from doing this? I learnt how to make a volcano and an eruption. What would I change for next time? I would change the colour of the volcano.

Michael Jackson Black or White - June 25 2010

Today we made a Michael Jackson movie called Black or White because today is the 1 year anniversary of his death.It was cool making movies and fun.We worked in pairs and planned our things. Once we finished planning we practiced our moves.
What do you think?

Story Sculptures Volcano Report

A volcano is an opening in the earth's crust, through which lava, ash and gases flow. The word volcano comes from the Roman god of fire - Vulcan.
A volcano erupts when the pressure inside the earth builds up and needs to escape. Molten rock, in the mantle, heats up. The magma chamber fills up, then the magma pushes up the vent and out of the crater.
There are three main types of the volcano. One is a cinder cone another a shield or a composite. The most dangerous one is composite volcano because it erupts violently with lava and ash. A volcano can be active,dormant (sleeping) or extinct.
A volcanic eruption can be both destructive and beneficial. Falling ash is dangerous to aeroplanes, can cover buildings and make it hard to breathe. Lava flows and lahars destroy everthing in their paths. However, sometimes eruptions can creature new fertile land.
Ash,lava and gas from deep inside the earth can be very destructive and dangerous during a volcano eruption. However if we are careful we can enjoy the benfits of new land and fertile soil.
by Eleva, Iva, Kane, Max, Onosai

Jenga Dominoes - May

On Friday Max,Iva and I played Jenga dominoes. We put the blocks up and it was ready to go. Miss King was going to record it but it fell down before she was ready. We built another pattern of blocks and it was in a circle. As Miss King was recording the blocks were toppling too fast Max, Iva and I were laughing. After that Miss King put the recording movie on her lap top.When the bell rang we watched our Jenga dominoes on the big screen.

Sing a Song about Volcanoes - April 30 2010

We are so amazingly awesome that instead of writing stories about our learning we write songs and make movies. It's so much more fun and you know what? We remember more of it too!
by Dillon, Heremaia, Kane, Kingston P

Favourite Camp Story February

At camp I went to Skateland. It was fun because I was going too fast. Then we had a race and I lost. After that we went to Ten Pin Bowling. First I got a strike and then another strike. At the end Michael had won. After that we went to rock climbing. I went on the biggest wall. It was hard. Then we went in the dark cave. Our shoes glowed on the wall when we climbed up in the cave.It was cool and scary because the cave was getting harder and bigger. Then we went to walk down to Tamaki College. We played touch there before we had to go and have a shower. James, Lorenzo, Max and I were playing touch. We were winning. After that we went to have dinner and it was delicious. Next we had dessert. Then we went to get our blanket to watch Willy Wonka. It was cold outside. Then we went to brush our teeth and we went to sleep. When we went to sleep it was cold. In the morning we had breakfast. It was yum. Then we went to do kayaking I was going too slow and my hand was sore when I was going slow. After that we went to cook damper. It was yum but my one was burnt.

February 2010 in Room 14

Have an awesome year Kane!
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