Friday, June 28, 2013

Kane karakia DLO

Little Red riding hood

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. Their names were Rigby, Mordecai, and Skips. Skips was the smartest out of all of them. He was the one who was the best builder but the other two were lazy.

One day they decided to build some huts so they split up. Rigby was building a straw house. All through the summer they built huts and Rigby was the first one to finish. The other two brothers said “your ones not strong, it’s weak” but Rigby did not care. So the second brother Mordecai started to build his house. He made his house out of wood. His one was not made properly because he wanted to go play with his brother.

But the older brother Skips was the brainiest of them all he was going to make his huts out of brick. The brothers kept on teasing him that his house didn’t look that good, and the two brothers tried to bribe him to come and play. He kept on saying no then. Early hours in the morning he had finished that day in the afternoon A wolf had escaped out of the zoo he was so hungry looking for something to eat so he was watching the pigs for a long time then decided to try and eat them.

He huffed and puffed and blew the house down rigby ran as fast as he could to his brothers house knock knock let me in the wolves chasing me ok the door opened and slammed just as the wolf came so he huffed and puffed and blew the house down they both ran to Skips house let us in the wolves coming ok the door opened and shut just as the wolf came up to the door

He huffed and puffed and could not blow the house down he tried again huff and puff but still could not blow the house down so he went to the supermarket and bought a ladder then went back and climbed up to the chimney. When he got to the top where making a hot cup of tea then the wolf fell down and burnt his self and the wolf ran away and never` came back.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Looking for treasure

After school Nick and Joe went back to their home and got their gear to go out and look for treasure. When they were walking they saw a boat up ahead. Nick and Joe ran to it and jumped in and then suddenly the motor turned on when they were in the boat they saw an old dusty map that lead to an island and Nick picked it up and told Joe to drive off and told him to follow the map to the mystery island. While Joe was steering the boat Nick saw an island full with pirates digging for treasure.

Joe went down stairs and press a red button that said off and then the engine stopped. They hoped out of the boat and sneak around the pirates. Nick took out the map out of his bag and follow the map and it lead them to a tree and on the ground it show an big X so Nick and Joe got out there shovel. When they got there shovel they went to go and dig for treasure.

While they were digging Joe saw a piece of gold and picked up an old rusty box. When they pulled out the box Joe open it and heaps of gold and they quickly took the box without being seen by the pirates Joe put the box in the boat drove off. And they were rich.   


Friday, June 7, 2013

Trial for Walter Dickson

Yay I can’t wait to Trial for Walter Dickson Remuera representative rugby team. I got ready and got my Mouth guard and my Boots ready and I put them in my bag and waited until  2:00 pm. While I was waiting I said happy birthday to my brother Night because it was his birthday today. My cousin came over and gave night a present and then my Mums friends came over too.

Yes Its 2, so I said goodbye to my uncle, Aunty, Mum and my brother. My Dad and I hoped in the car and went off. We stop at the shop to buy a drink of water then I went back to the car. When we were driving we saw the college rifles sign and my Dad parked up and I got out and put on my boots.

While I was putting on my boots,I saw Samuela and Mateo next to the field. I walk down to them and waited for all the players to come. I went to this man to tick my name off the book and I went to my Dad to get my mouth guard,I ran onto the field. When I put my mouth guard in I saw my uncle and Aunty they came to support me while I played.

I went on to the field and sat down with the rest of the boys. When I was sitting down the man was calling out the boys to play and when we got named,we had to pick up a Red, Yellow or Blue T-shirt. While the man was calling out the names I heard my name so went to go and pick up a blue T-shirt so I stretched my legs and went on to the field. When my team got on the field the ref blew the whistle and the Yellow team kick the ball to the blue team and one of the boys in my team caught it.

He run up straight and stepping people and getting a runaway it was good. We ran back to the halfway line and waited for Yellow team to hurry up and the ref said 1 more minute before its over. The Yellow team kick the ball and it went high up and then I ran and jumped up and caught the ball and ran up and I got tackled. The forwards blew over and took the ball and ran with it and then he got tackle next to the try line and the ref said last play and I picked up the ball ran low and I got the try.
Yay I was happy because my team won and I got a try too. I walked back to the gate and I took of my T-shirt and put it on the ground and I walked over to my Dad and put my other T-shirt on. The man said that he will text our family on Monday to see if I made it in. After that I hoped in the car with my Dad and I said bye to my Uncle and Aunty and we drove off.       

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Writing an argument

Writing an argument:Lollies are bad.

Statement: “Children should eat lollies”

Do you agree or disagree?

Use the table to help you with your decision:

Children should eat lollies because...
Children should not eat lollies because...
Its so tasty.

Its bad for your teeth.
It give you energy.

You can get diabetes.
It has a sweet taste that the kids like.

Theres heaps of sugar.

Your teeth could get black and rotten.

Lollies can cause you to be obese.
children should not eat lollies because it is bad for your teeth. It can give you stomach aches when eating too much. You could get diabetes from the amount of sugar in the lollies.

When eating lollies your teeth could get black and rotten. Too much lollies can cause an unhealthy life ahead. To prevent having a bad life stop with eating lollies now before its too late.

Lollies can cause you to be obese and you would not like a life like that. Do not eat too much lollies everyday don't eat twenty in one whole day have two or five the maximum. Or you could get a really sore stomach from too much sugar in your blood.