Friday, February 17, 2012

At the beach

On Sunday I got ready to go to the beach with my family. We went to point England beach the tired was in and I put some sunblock on and went in to the sea water but I was just booming of the rock. The sea water was cold but then I got use to it I went by the dip part of the rock and boom of it was like a cold freezing ice cube. I got out of the water and started skimming rocks in to the water’ we were having lost of challenge we made sandcastle and we play hide and seek.

My Brother Anthony was in he started counting and I went to the park and hiding by the side he came looking for me and he took 5 minute to find me and then it got boring so we play touch. with my mate next door by my house he came and play with us and these big boys came and started playing but then they change the game to rugby and they were hard they were like Kingston size that one of there name was Shane. One of my player got Hart so we stop playing and we did something else I had 3 minute left to go home so I went for a swim and boom of the rock.

I went to go and eat fish and chip after that I went home and went to sleep and my best part was touch.

The Treaty of waitangi

On 6th of February 1840 the Treaty of waitangi was signed. The Maori signed the treaty with the British. But some Maori were not happy to sign. There was a lot of clashes and conflict between Maori and Pakeha at the time.

There were arguments and disagreements at the treaty. A man called William Hobson and James Busby wrote a draft of the treaty. The Maori Tribes were angry because they did not understand the British Interests.

So a man named Henry Williams translated English into Maori so that the people of te reo Maori could understand. After he translated the Maori knew what they wanted and had a discussion. After the talk the Maori people wanted to sign the Maori version of the treaty.

The people were happy and all signed the treaty. William Hobson did a speech, “he iwi tahi tatou” we are all one people. They were all happy and celebrated. The principles of the treaty the 3 p’s: Protection, Partnership, and Participation.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Rainbows End

In the holidays I went to Rainbows End with my family. My Mum payed for the bands so we could get in and then we could play on the pirate-ship. We went in and went to the pirate-ship, it was so cool it was going so high that I was screaming and then we went off. After that my Dad picked his next activity and it was this racing car but I was too small so I went in this 3D to watch the dinosaur movie.

I put on my 3D classic and when the movie played the chair was moving and it felt real. I got out and went by the entry to get ready and go home. I was waiting for all of them to come and when they got there we took a photo by the the door.

Rainbows End was a lot of fun.