Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Usher Story

Long long time ago there was a man called usher. He sang lots of songs and his first song was with Justin Bieber. They were recording the song too. Their song was somebody to love. When they did that they sang another song but it was just Usher singing by himself. His song was DJ got us falling in love again. He was happy when he was singing. After that they were thinking about a new song to sing. Usher wanted to sing with Justin Bieber, he said yes their song was baby too.
When he did that he went to ask Justin Beber if he wanted to come to watch Usher sing and he said yes and Usher's song was called omg. After that they took a beak by the step and started eating their food. It was a pie and some cookies. Usher went home and Justin Bieber went home too and they were tired because they were singing lots of songs. They sang one more song and it was called one time. When they finished they went back home and went to sleep. (Click on the song and it will show you the song)

My Dinosaur

Long long time ago there was a dinosaur called Freddy Cougar who was strong and he liked to hunt for food. He likes to hunt food for his family and he hunts food with his brother too. Freddy Cougar’s favourite game to play is chase Pterodactyl and kill them. He lives with his family in the jungle and he has a house. He is tall as a towering building.

My dinosaur Freddy Cougar look furious and scary. My dinosaur likes to eat meat and is a t-rex. He is scary and has dangerous teeth and claws. My dinosaur likes to fight and kill. Pecasis is dangerous.

Freddy Cougar and his brother Aldrago went on adventure to kill Pecasis because he was trying to kill my Dad. We went in the jungle to found him and then he was try to get away. When we got him we started eating him. Then we went back home.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

Even more and more people were sad when some people pass away. Yesterday in the afternoon between 9 min to 1 pm the 6.3 earthquake struck Christchurch city. There are many buildings that have been damaged in Christchurch. There are 75 people dead so far when the buildings got damaged.

There are some people who are weak and some of them sleep in the park. There are many after shocks around the centre of the city. There are search and rescue teams around the centre to help people to get out of the buildings. When I was watching tv on the news I felt sad because the quake started and the people got frightening.

I hope that the people of Christchurch are safe!


On Wednesday I went in a car to Squash in Punmure and Squash was one of my favorite activity and skate-land too. When we got there we were waiting for the door to open after the that we walk around the Punmure Basement because the door was lock. When we got back the door was open and we went to listen how to play Squash when we did that we went to play. I won 3 games and I lots 2 games when it was my turn again I was vsing my teacher and I lots by 4 point and I had 0.

When we did that we went to skate-land skate was my best one. I got my skate shoes and started skate. When I went to skate I was coming 1st and some time I was coming last too. We play racing games and we had a race and I came 3rd as my race on cross country. After the that we had a little play and we play Limbo too.

When we play limbo I was wining and when it was almost finish I lost. When lost I went to go and skate with my friend and my teacher I was riding as fast as lightning. I was beating my teacher. Me and him was having a race and I won. After the that we went to have lunch and we went back to school the end.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Most Embarrassing Story

I had a dream about that I was rich and my brother was Micheal Jackson and Ritchie Valens. I was a singing like my brother I look like Ritchie Valens and Micheal Jackson too. We went to sing and dace around when we that we play some games and the games was cool who was the best at singing. I was winning and then I lost it was Micheal Jackson and Ritchie Valens they was singing and then Micheal Jackson won and Ritchie Valens lost. We live in new York Micheal Jackson was the 1st best and Ritchie Valens was the 2nd and I was the 3rd one.

When we did that we sing song. When we got battle at singing we started recording the best song. Micheal Jackson came up with this song about thriller and Ritchie Valens came up with this oh Donna and I came up with this song la Bamba. We was so happy that we made a song I was happy then my brother came and woke me up and I thought it was real. Click on thriller, la Bamba and oh Donna and then it would show the song.