Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Assembly with STKS

“Yay” I screamed as the bell rang a assembly time. I walk back to my classroom and line up in a straight line as we did that we walk down to the hall and sat down on the chairs and waited for the others. When the others classroom came Mr Burt came walking down the middle and told us that there was a person that was famous but then Mr Burt told Ms M to come. Ms M told us that to called out STKS or his Samoan name we shouted his name STKS loud and then he came.

As STKS came he pick up an a guitar and play. He asked us is this an trumpet but we said no but then after that he play the trumpet noise but we were wrong because he was playing it. He was playing random songs that we did not no but the beat was cool it sounded like he was drumming. After that he play another song that was keep it fresh keep it clean song we were singing with him and clapping sometimes but then when he finish that song he started to play the Harlem shake on his guitar for a little while.

When he finish his songs we clap for him as he walk out the door.       

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All about Kane

Hi my name is Kane and I go to pt England school and also I am in room 21 class. My most favourite sports is rugby because I am good at it and also my Dad wants me to play rugby or league. I like school because I can chat to my friends or play with them at playtime and lunchtime but mostly I talk to some of my other friends in class too. My favourite Inquiry is Maths because I am good at it but I'm not good at reading or writing because it is kinda hard to me.  

I have two brothers and two sisters. My brothers names are Anthony and Night and my sisters name is Jemma and Tatiana. At home I mostly ride my Dads bike I am good at doing tricks on the bmx bike cause when I grow up I want to be good like Garrett Reynolds because he is the best and I want to be good on the bmx bike just like him. I will practice and practice until I'm better and good at doing tricks I go to the bmx track and do 180 and Manuel their but sometimes I go to the Glenn Dowie skate park too.    

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Superhero

Hi my name is Kane and my favourite superhero is Hulk. One of Hulk best powers is the Hulk Smash it is the deadliest move ever it would crack the road or make an earthquake. He is good not evil because he helped people sometimes but if people gets in his way he will get angry at Superman or Thor. They are Hulk worst enemy because once Thor and Hulk were having a fight it started when Hulk was walking along the forest but then Thor came and throw his hammer at Hulk back.

Hulk got angry and try to left up Thor hammer before Thor gets it but it was too heavy. Thor put his hand out and got his hammer it look like Thor had a magnet on his hand Hulk jumped up to Thor and grab him and chuck Thor to the ground. Thor got back up and started whacking Hulk but it did no effect to Hulk. Hulk got angry and did his deadliest move it was the hulk smash.

K.O Thor was on the ground sleeping as hulk left.            

Friday, March 22, 2013

Old man at the beach

Step by step the old man with grey hair was walking along the beach on the sand leaving footprints behind. As he was walking the seagulls were scavenging. He was wearing some long brown pants an oversized grey and black coat. The old man was lonely and alone but as he was walking he was tired and it was crowded at the beach that day too.

When the old man was walking he could smell the ocean as the waves were coming in but the tide was out. It was a cold windy day but the old man was dirty and smelly but he was poor and had nowhere to go.   

Friday, March 15, 2013


As the bell rang we got up and walk to the hall in a straight line. When we sat down I heard my teacher talking about Ms M's brother that was coming to our school. He came from London to come and sing to us. All of us were so happy to see him and heard him sing. I saw him standing next to Ms M talking to her as Mr Burt was telling us about Ms M's brother whos going to be singing to us. After that he came out from the corner and started to talk to us about how he became a singer.

He said that he forgot how to sing Samoan songs when he was in London. He was dressed up in a lava lava but then it came off when he was walking around. He was wearing a suit underneath the lava lava. His first song was about when the tsunami hit Samoa but when he sang it was a peaceful song. When he sang Ms Nua and some of the teachers were crying. We waved and clapped and some people joined in. It was cool his song it was an opera song.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What do they think about me

They think Im cool, funny, sporty, skuxx, fast, smart, the best, tall, good at everything thats all they think about me.