Friday, December 13, 2013

Kane's prize giving


On Thursday we had our Prize Giving. During school we had our final dance practice we all went into the hall and had our practice. After that we went back to the classroom and pack up the classroom and went home. When I got home I went to the bathroom and had a shower.

After when I had a shower I put on my uniform and went off to school. When I got to school I line up outside and went into the hall when I walked in the hall I saw heaps of people sitting down on the chairs. When I sat down we were waiting for the rest of the kids to come. After that Mr Burt called out the kids names to get there award.

After that Mr Burt called out my name for the best dancer. I was so happy first time ever I got up and shake Mr Burt hands and line up on the stage for the other kids. When I got my award I walked down the steps and sat down on the floor. But then It was our turn to dance so we all walked up and waited for the song to start.

When the song started to play all the boys were waiting by the stage. When the girls finish their dance it was our turn to dance so we did our dance and then we stand stand by me.           

Thursday, December 12, 2013

In the weekends

On Saturday I went to the pools with Raenan and my brother Anthony. We walked into the G.i pools and went to the toilet to get change to go swim. After that we went to the shower and then we dive into the pool and swim. When I dive into the pool I was playing games with my other friends there too.

After that I got cold so I went to jump in the warm pool. When I jump in it was nice and warm I was relaxing in the pool with my mates and playing bulrush too. After that I got out of the pool and had a shower I went back home to keep nice and warm.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kane's year book

Kane's Year book from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
This is my movie and I’m writing this because I am leaving to college. Most of all that I’ll miss is the best teacher in the world Mrs Langitupu. She taught me my maths and now I'm sort of brainy. I’ve Been to Point England for Eight Years. I’m gonna miss my year 7 friends.

I wish I was young so I can stay in Point England. Mrs Squires taught me how to use vocabs and other stuff in my writing. Mrs King taught me how to make wonderful movies like this one. I've learnt lots of stuff in primary and intermediate.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Kane's future aspiration

Future aspiration inspired me to achieve my goal. Last week on Thursday we had 5 people that came to our school. The 5 people speak about what they were doing in their life their was a boy around about our age going to university next year. The boy who going to university his name was triston.

All the year 8 student went into the street. We sat down on the floor and listen to the two speaker that were taking to us. The first speaker was mosa he was cool he told us about his life. he is studying politics and is the youth adviser of Len Brown.

After when he finished taking the other speaker name was emma brown. She told us about her life too. She studdy about engineering and talk about her self too.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Mihimihi

Kia ora tatou
Greetings to us all

Kua hui mai nei
Who have gathered here

Ki tenei wahi
To this place

Ki te kawe mai
To bring

I nga whakaaro pai
The Good thoughts

Ka nui te koa
Great is the happiness

Mo to koutou kaha
For your support

Ki te haere mai
In coming

Ki te hapai
To uplift

I te reo Maori
The Maori language

E pa ana ki tenei hui

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My first day at school

Today we had 40 minutes to write about our first day of school. From looking at our writing we are going to set some writing goals for the term.

While I was sleeping my mum woke me up to get ready for my first day at school. I was so excited to go to school so I went in the car and went off to school. When I got to school I was nervous to go my class so my mum left and I went in room 3 and I said hi to the teacher her name was Mrs George. I hook my school bag on a hanger and sat down with the class waiting until playtime so I can make some new friends.

When the bell rang I didn't know what was happening so I went to the teacher and said what are we doing and she said it's playtime so I walk to my bag and got out my lunch and sat down outside next to the door. While I was eating my lunch I heard a bell that rang and everyone got up and ran. I got up and walk to the playground and play with all the kids but then these 4 boys came up to me and ask if I wanted to play with them and I said yes so we play tiggy on the playground.

When we got tired playing the bell rang and we all ran to the classroom. I wasn't feeling shy because I had knew some of the people at school.         

Friday, October 18, 2013

Where I'm from

Where I’m from I can see the birds flying and gliding beach when I walk outside
I can smell saltwater from the beach from far away
I also can hear kids playing and bombing in the seawater
When I walk down to the beach the heat from the sun burns my skin like a oven
The sand is like a smooth blanket when I lie down on the sand
Where I’m from I heard the whistling wind blowing the trees
I see people playing rugby and having races up the street
I like my home because I play touch outside with my friends
My hands feel like they were wrinkles after While washing the dishes