Friday, December 13, 2013

Kane's prize giving


On Thursday we had our Prize Giving. During school we had our final dance practice we all went into the hall and had our practice. After that we went back to the classroom and pack up the classroom and went home. When I got home I went to the bathroom and had a shower.

After when I had a shower I put on my uniform and went off to school. When I got to school I line up outside and went into the hall when I walked in the hall I saw heaps of people sitting down on the chairs. When I sat down we were waiting for the rest of the kids to come. After that Mr Burt called out the kids names to get there award.

After that Mr Burt called out my name for the best dancer. I was so happy first time ever I got up and shake Mr Burt hands and line up on the stage for the other kids. When I got my award I walked down the steps and sat down on the floor. But then It was our turn to dance so we all walked up and waited for the song to start.

When the song started to play all the boys were waiting by the stage. When the girls finish their dance it was our turn to dance so we did our dance and then we stand stand by me.           

Thursday, December 12, 2013

In the weekends

On Saturday I went to the pools with Raenan and my brother Anthony. We walked into the G.i pools and went to the toilet to get change to go swim. After that we went to the shower and then we dive into the pool and swim. When I dive into the pool I was playing games with my other friends there too.

After that I got cold so I went to jump in the warm pool. When I jump in it was nice and warm I was relaxing in the pool with my mates and playing bulrush too. After that I got out of the pool and had a shower I went back home to keep nice and warm.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kane's year book

Kane's Year book from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
This is my movie and I’m writing this because I am leaving to college. Most of all that I’ll miss is the best teacher in the world Mrs Langitupu. She taught me my maths and now I'm sort of brainy. I’ve Been to Point England for Eight Years. I’m gonna miss my year 7 friends.

I wish I was young so I can stay in Point England. Mrs Squires taught me how to use vocabs and other stuff in my writing. Mrs King taught me how to make wonderful movies like this one. I've learnt lots of stuff in primary and intermediate.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Kane's future aspiration

Future aspiration inspired me to achieve my goal. Last week on Thursday we had 5 people that came to our school. The 5 people speak about what they were doing in their life their was a boy around about our age going to university next year. The boy who going to university his name was triston.

All the year 8 student went into the street. We sat down on the floor and listen to the two speaker that were taking to us. The first speaker was mosa he was cool he told us about his life. he is studying politics and is the youth adviser of Len Brown.

After when he finished taking the other speaker name was emma brown. She told us about her life too. She studdy about engineering and talk about her self too.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Mihimihi

Kia ora tatou
Greetings to us all

Kua hui mai nei
Who have gathered here

Ki tenei wahi
To this place

Ki te kawe mai
To bring

I nga whakaaro pai
The Good thoughts

Ka nui te koa
Great is the happiness

Mo to koutou kaha
For your support

Ki te haere mai
In coming

Ki te hapai
To uplift

I te reo Maori
The Maori language

E pa ana ki tenei hui

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My first day at school

Today we had 40 minutes to write about our first day of school. From looking at our writing we are going to set some writing goals for the term.

While I was sleeping my mum woke me up to get ready for my first day at school. I was so excited to go to school so I went in the car and went off to school. When I got to school I was nervous to go my class so my mum left and I went in room 3 and I said hi to the teacher her name was Mrs George. I hook my school bag on a hanger and sat down with the class waiting until playtime so I can make some new friends.

When the bell rang I didn't know what was happening so I went to the teacher and said what are we doing and she said it's playtime so I walk to my bag and got out my lunch and sat down outside next to the door. While I was eating my lunch I heard a bell that rang and everyone got up and ran. I got up and walk to the playground and play with all the kids but then these 4 boys came up to me and ask if I wanted to play with them and I said yes so we play tiggy on the playground.

When we got tired playing the bell rang and we all ran to the classroom. I wasn't feeling shy because I had knew some of the people at school.         

Friday, October 18, 2013

Where I'm from

Where I’m from I can see the birds flying and gliding beach when I walk outside
I can smell saltwater from the beach from far away
I also can hear kids playing and bombing in the seawater
When I walk down to the beach the heat from the sun burns my skin like a oven
The sand is like a smooth blanket when I lie down on the sand
Where I’m from I heard the whistling wind blowing the trees
I see people playing rugby and having races up the street
I like my home because I play touch outside with my friends
My hands feel like they were wrinkles after While washing the dishes


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Movie reflection

Last week on Monday B2 rotated to the creative stand in the street. I like the creative stand because i like filming people and doing animations but I kind of don’t like planning that much. I made a short movie about the first man on the moon and it is 1 min and 14sec long. James worked hard on the animation and i was doing the planning and the voice over. The planning was hard for me because I got mixed up so Logan helped me with the planning and the voice over too.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Kane prize giving

“Yay its Saturday I said to myself” I woke up and got ready for my prize giving. I hopped in the car and put on my seatbelt and waited for my Dad to come so we can go early to get and parking spot. While waiting in the car I was so excited to go and get a trophy and met all my friends there. My Dad hopped in the car and put the key in and drove to potaua house to pick him up.

When we got there potaua came outside and jump in the car with us to go to the prize giving. After that we park up next to the marist club and hopped out and went inside the club room. We walk up the step and went through the door and sat down with my rugby team on the floor. A man called hamisan walk up on the stage and called all the team players up to get there trophy.

He called out everyone but then it was our turn to go up and get our trophy and medal. When he called out the named he called the people who got the trophy but I only got and medal but i didn't really care. When he called out the named we went to go and set down on the ground. After that we all went outside and went home and had a rest.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kane springbok tour protest

Walking down the street marching and saying 1,2,3,4 we don’t want no racist tour as we were walking I was holding on to my sign tight. In 1981 people were protesting the people that were playing rugby games and some people were swearing at the players. The protesters march down to the game and broke the fence and throw smoke bomb on the field. People were holding signs and walking on the street but the police were wearing black helmet, holding a shield and holding a bat too.

The protesters were protesting the players and they were walking in a big massive group. They were yelling remember soweto remember.    

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

James, Kane and Mikaiah M,L,K

In 1963 Martin Luther King had a speech it was called I have a dream. He had a dream to
help people go to the same school. Also that they can go on the same bus but they had to sit in the back of the bus and if the bus was full one of the black people have to give up their spot. There were more black people that were poor and lived in poverty, but lots of the white people lived in prosperity.   

Martin Luther Kings first job was being a lawyer, Next his other job was being a minister. But he was most famous for fighting for equality for the blacks. Did you know that when he was signing books he was stabbed on the back? He went to jail for a short time. He went to jail because tax and traffic offences, they tried to find something what he did wrong so he can go jail. Did you also know that his house was filled with C4 and got destroyed. He got assassinated

In a america there were less black people and more white people back then. Martin Luther King was fighting for equality between white people and black people. The black people could vote but they made it really difficult for them. Martin Luther King would be happy if he was here right now, because of Barack Obama being the president of the U.S.A.

Martin Luther King made the most wonderful speech in America. His speech inspired many many people around the country. His speech was about bringing peace between Black and White people, also making everything equil. He wanted the black people and white to set together in the bus and go together in the same school.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kane movie Reflection

We had some trouble working on our movie because it was hard. I was really really shy because I wasn’t use to recording and performing. The only thing I like about the movie was our filming because there were some good shot in our movie but our sound was not that good. It was a little bit hard because we didn’t know how to lip sing it properly so we practice it for like 5 times and then we got it.

When we finish the movie we went to the street and upload the movie that we made on to the imovie. While we did that we went to edit it and then we click on the chrome and type up Vimeo. And then we upload it to Vimeo and then it was done. When we finish we went to go and watch.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Three little pigs storyboard

                          This is my Three little pigs storyboard

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kane karakia DLO

Little Red riding hood

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. Their names were Rigby, Mordecai, and Skips. Skips was the smartest out of all of them. He was the one who was the best builder but the other two were lazy.

One day they decided to build some huts so they split up. Rigby was building a straw house. All through the summer they built huts and Rigby was the first one to finish. The other two brothers said “your ones not strong, it’s weak” but Rigby did not care. So the second brother Mordecai started to build his house. He made his house out of wood. His one was not made properly because he wanted to go play with his brother.

But the older brother Skips was the brainiest of them all he was going to make his huts out of brick. The brothers kept on teasing him that his house didn’t look that good, and the two brothers tried to bribe him to come and play. He kept on saying no then. Early hours in the morning he had finished that day in the afternoon A wolf had escaped out of the zoo he was so hungry looking for something to eat so he was watching the pigs for a long time then decided to try and eat them.

He huffed and puffed and blew the house down rigby ran as fast as he could to his brothers house knock knock let me in the wolves chasing me ok the door opened and slammed just as the wolf came so he huffed and puffed and blew the house down they both ran to Skips house let us in the wolves coming ok the door opened and shut just as the wolf came up to the door

He huffed and puffed and could not blow the house down he tried again huff and puff but still could not blow the house down so he went to the supermarket and bought a ladder then went back and climbed up to the chimney. When he got to the top where making a hot cup of tea then the wolf fell down and burnt his self and the wolf ran away and never` came back.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Looking for treasure

After school Nick and Joe went back to their home and got their gear to go out and look for treasure. When they were walking they saw a boat up ahead. Nick and Joe ran to it and jumped in and then suddenly the motor turned on when they were in the boat they saw an old dusty map that lead to an island and Nick picked it up and told Joe to drive off and told him to follow the map to the mystery island. While Joe was steering the boat Nick saw an island full with pirates digging for treasure.

Joe went down stairs and press a red button that said off and then the engine stopped. They hoped out of the boat and sneak around the pirates. Nick took out the map out of his bag and follow the map and it lead them to a tree and on the ground it show an big X so Nick and Joe got out there shovel. When they got there shovel they went to go and dig for treasure.

While they were digging Joe saw a piece of gold and picked up an old rusty box. When they pulled out the box Joe open it and heaps of gold and they quickly took the box without being seen by the pirates Joe put the box in the boat drove off. And they were rich.   


Friday, June 7, 2013

Trial for Walter Dickson

Yay I can’t wait to Trial for Walter Dickson Remuera representative rugby team. I got ready and got my Mouth guard and my Boots ready and I put them in my bag and waited until  2:00 pm. While I was waiting I said happy birthday to my brother Night because it was his birthday today. My cousin came over and gave night a present and then my Mums friends came over too.

Yes Its 2, so I said goodbye to my uncle, Aunty, Mum and my brother. My Dad and I hoped in the car and went off. We stop at the shop to buy a drink of water then I went back to the car. When we were driving we saw the college rifles sign and my Dad parked up and I got out and put on my boots.

While I was putting on my boots,I saw Samuela and Mateo next to the field. I walk down to them and waited for all the players to come. I went to this man to tick my name off the book and I went to my Dad to get my mouth guard,I ran onto the field. When I put my mouth guard in I saw my uncle and Aunty they came to support me while I played.

I went on to the field and sat down with the rest of the boys. When I was sitting down the man was calling out the boys to play and when we got named,we had to pick up a Red, Yellow or Blue T-shirt. While the man was calling out the names I heard my name so went to go and pick up a blue T-shirt so I stretched my legs and went on to the field. When my team got on the field the ref blew the whistle and the Yellow team kick the ball to the blue team and one of the boys in my team caught it.

He run up straight and stepping people and getting a runaway it was good. We ran back to the halfway line and waited for Yellow team to hurry up and the ref said 1 more minute before its over. The Yellow team kick the ball and it went high up and then I ran and jumped up and caught the ball and ran up and I got tackled. The forwards blew over and took the ball and ran with it and then he got tackle next to the try line and the ref said last play and I picked up the ball ran low and I got the try.
Yay I was happy because my team won and I got a try too. I walked back to the gate and I took of my T-shirt and put it on the ground and I walked over to my Dad and put my other T-shirt on. The man said that he will text our family on Monday to see if I made it in. After that I hoped in the car with my Dad and I said bye to my Uncle and Aunty and we drove off.       

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Writing an argument

Writing an argument:Lollies are bad.

Statement: “Children should eat lollies”

Do you agree or disagree?

Use the table to help you with your decision:

Children should eat lollies because...
Children should not eat lollies because...
Its so tasty.

Its bad for your teeth.
It give you energy.

You can get diabetes.
It has a sweet taste that the kids like.

Theres heaps of sugar.

Your teeth could get black and rotten.

Lollies can cause you to be obese.
children should not eat lollies because it is bad for your teeth. It can give you stomach aches when eating too much. You could get diabetes from the amount of sugar in the lollies.

When eating lollies your teeth could get black and rotten. Too much lollies can cause an unhealthy life ahead. To prevent having a bad life stop with eating lollies now before its too late.

Lollies can cause you to be obese and you would not like a life like that. Do not eat too much lollies everyday don't eat twenty in one whole day have two or five the maximum. Or you could get a really sore stomach from too much sugar in your blood.

Monday, May 20, 2013

What is really in our food.

  • E.P.F: Egg producers federation.
  • NZers eat 920,000,000 eggs per day (mostly caged).
  • There is 6 birds per caged.
  • Eggs are high in protein leasy for our bodies to digest.
  • Cooked egg protein is better than raw.
  • Protein is is mostly in the yolk (nutrient rich).
  • Eggs have B12 vitamin ( 1 egg has 1/2 of B12 we need per day.
  • Egg yolk colour is dark in NZ-colouring agents are added to the chicken feed.
  • No nutritional difference between white and brown eggs.
  • Cage hens-cages lack space are on an angle for the eggs to roll down and the hens can’t exercise.
  • Male chicks are killed, forced moulting.
  • Organic/free range-more space to eat grass.
  • Organic vs Cage eggs.
  • Barn eggs
  • Scrambled,  poached, fried
  • high in cholesterol (unsaturated fat).

Report Writing about Eggs.

Caged hens.

In the shed the temperature  is at 22 degrees. In the caged there are 6 hens per cage the caged are on a angle because when the hen lays an egg it rolls down and go to the packages. The hens make 920,000,000 eggs each year in the eggs the protein is mostly in the yolk. If the yolk is dark it will make you sick mostly people get brown eggs but there are no nutritional difference between white and brown eggs.

Barn hens

The barn hens are the most popular because 1200 hens lay about 3 millions eggs a day.    

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Holidays highlights

In the Holidays when I woke up I got ready to go to the Glen Dowie Skate park. I went outside and went to my backyard to get my BMX bike but then Lorenzo and Potaua came. I pulled out my bike and rode to the front of the house. I told my Dad that I was going to the Glen Dowie Skate park. Then I told my Dad to come and meet me there. My friends and I biked up the hill and I was so tired when we got next to Sacred Heart School. Then we biked down the hill and we went really fast.

When we got there my Dad was waiting for us. We went to ride on the Skate park and did some tricks. I was trying to do a 360 like Potaua but sometimes I always do 180. I gave my Dad a turn on my bike and he was doing way better tricks than me. After that it started raining so my Dad and I put my bike and Lorenzo’s and Potaua’s bikes in the van. Next we went back to my house and waited for the rain to stop.



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Term 1 reflection

Wow term one went fast I can’t wait until the holiday. One of my best highlights was going to the Fiafia Practice Every day. We go to the Fiafia practice after lunch time when the bell ring My group and I go to the street I am in the hip hop group it is cool and fun. The hip hop dance is pretty easy to learn and the dance moves a hard for some others in my group but sometimes when it is hard I get mix up.

The reason I sign up for hip hop because I wanted to learn some new moves. My other highlight was the triathlon because I can train and be fit too. The triathlon is good for us and some of the others people it help you to get fit so you don’t be fat too. We all take turns and share we ride we ride the bike, swim and run around the cones and then we finish.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Yay its Friday I can’t wait for the weekend. I woke up and got ready and went to school I went in class and hang my bag up on my chair. As I was playing the bell rang so then I ran fast as I could to my class to line up in a straight line. We walk down to the hall and sat down on the chairs while we sat down Shayne, Howard and Neo they were playing the guitar and Levi was playing the drum.

When they finish Ms Muliaumaseali'i came out from the corner. She said 1 clap, 2 clap and then 3 clap she said that Fiafia is coming she said that there was a lady that came from somewhere. The lady came in the hall and sang the song that she sang was an opera song. When she sang it was peaceful and a nice song.

When she finish we all clap for her.     

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake was born in January 31 in 1981. Justin Timberlake is 32 years old he  is an American actor and a singing too. He used to live in Memphis Tennessee it was a small countries he is one of the famous singer. He is also in movies but his favourite movie was in time it was about when people had their time in their arm when it goes on to zero they die.

Justin Timberlake was initially achieved success as a member of boy band.Justin Timberlake was one of the popular singer because he was one of the best. His best song was cry me a river he had lots of hits and some people like that song because that one was popular song that he sang.

Monday, April 8, 2013

My fun day out

On Saturday Potaua and I slept over Lorenzo house. While Potaua and I was sleeping over we was riding on our bmx bike and doing tricks we were riding on the ramp and of it but it wasn't that scary. When it got dark Lorenzo Potaua and I went inside to watch tv we had dinner and dessert too. After that we went to the room and watch movies while we were watching the movie I was tired so then I went to sleep.

I woke up the next day and I got up and clean up the room. Potaua and Lorenzo help me clean up when we finish cleaning I went in the bathroom and had a quick shower when I finish I dry myself up. Potaua Lorenzo and I we went outside and ride on our bmx bikes we play outside for a little while and then we put our bike in the fan and went to the botany skatepark. When we got there we took our bike out and ride and did some tricks but there were these pro freestyle biker their.

We stay until 2:00 and then we left.     

Friday, April 5, 2013


Yay yay I said to myself its Easter today. So I ran like Usain Bolt to my Mum and Dad room and woke them up it's Easter it's Easter I said so they got up and got dress and went in the kitchen an open up the freeza. When we open up the freezer it was like a chocolate store there was lots of Easter eggs so I grab 10 for myself because I didn't want to eat all of them so i save some of them for the next day. After that I went out and ride on my Dads bike.

Every year my church always have Easter service on Sunday so we can celebrate Jesus because he died on the cross to save our sins. When he died he got rose again our school had a public holiday too. At our church we play a game that we have hunt for it was Easter Hunt.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Assembly with STKS

“Yay” I screamed as the bell rang a assembly time. I walk back to my classroom and line up in a straight line as we did that we walk down to the hall and sat down on the chairs and waited for the others. When the others classroom came Mr Burt came walking down the middle and told us that there was a person that was famous but then Mr Burt told Ms M to come. Ms M told us that to called out STKS or his Samoan name we shouted his name STKS loud and then he came.

As STKS came he pick up an a guitar and play. He asked us is this an trumpet but we said no but then after that he play the trumpet noise but we were wrong because he was playing it. He was playing random songs that we did not no but the beat was cool it sounded like he was drumming. After that he play another song that was keep it fresh keep it clean song we were singing with him and clapping sometimes but then when he finish that song he started to play the Harlem shake on his guitar for a little while.

When he finish his songs we clap for him as he walk out the door.       

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All about Kane

Hi my name is Kane and I go to pt England school and also I am in room 21 class. My most favourite sports is rugby because I am good at it and also my Dad wants me to play rugby or league. I like school because I can chat to my friends or play with them at playtime and lunchtime but mostly I talk to some of my other friends in class too. My favourite Inquiry is Maths because I am good at it but I'm not good at reading or writing because it is kinda hard to me.  

I have two brothers and two sisters. My brothers names are Anthony and Night and my sisters name is Jemma and Tatiana. At home I mostly ride my Dads bike I am good at doing tricks on the bmx bike cause when I grow up I want to be good like Garrett Reynolds because he is the best and I want to be good on the bmx bike just like him. I will practice and practice until I'm better and good at doing tricks I go to the bmx track and do 180 and Manuel their but sometimes I go to the Glenn Dowie skate park too.    

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Superhero

Hi my name is Kane and my favourite superhero is Hulk. One of Hulk best powers is the Hulk Smash it is the deadliest move ever it would crack the road or make an earthquake. He is good not evil because he helped people sometimes but if people gets in his way he will get angry at Superman or Thor. They are Hulk worst enemy because once Thor and Hulk were having a fight it started when Hulk was walking along the forest but then Thor came and throw his hammer at Hulk back.

Hulk got angry and try to left up Thor hammer before Thor gets it but it was too heavy. Thor put his hand out and got his hammer it look like Thor had a magnet on his hand Hulk jumped up to Thor and grab him and chuck Thor to the ground. Thor got back up and started whacking Hulk but it did no effect to Hulk. Hulk got angry and did his deadliest move it was the hulk smash.

K.O Thor was on the ground sleeping as hulk left.            

Friday, March 22, 2013

Old man at the beach

Step by step the old man with grey hair was walking along the beach on the sand leaving footprints behind. As he was walking the seagulls were scavenging. He was wearing some long brown pants an oversized grey and black coat. The old man was lonely and alone but as he was walking he was tired and it was crowded at the beach that day too.

When the old man was walking he could smell the ocean as the waves were coming in but the tide was out. It was a cold windy day but the old man was dirty and smelly but he was poor and had nowhere to go.   

Friday, March 15, 2013


As the bell rang we got up and walk to the hall in a straight line. When we sat down I heard my teacher talking about Ms M's brother that was coming to our school. He came from London to come and sing to us. All of us were so happy to see him and heard him sing. I saw him standing next to Ms M talking to her as Mr Burt was telling us about Ms M's brother whos going to be singing to us. After that he came out from the corner and started to talk to us about how he became a singer.

He said that he forgot how to sing Samoan songs when he was in London. He was dressed up in a lava lava but then it came off when he was walking around. He was wearing a suit underneath the lava lava. His first song was about when the tsunami hit Samoa but when he sang it was a peaceful song. When he sang Ms Nua and some of the teachers were crying. We waved and clapped and some people joined in. It was cool his song it was an opera song.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What do they think about me

They think Im cool, funny, sporty, skuxx, fast, smart, the best, tall, good at everything thats all they think about me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Assembly-Fia fia

Wow I wish I can drum like Levi and blow the conch shell like Kingston too. Mr Barks went up on the stage and dance hilarious and make some of the Teacher laugh and Levi, Lave and Taina were drumming faster and faster. Mr Barks was pretty tired so He went of the stage and had a rest.

After that Uili, henry and Hosanna sang I believe song but The best voice I heard was Uili he was the boom and henry too.When they finish singing the Fia fia group came on but then Kingston came out from the corner and blow the conch shell that was one of the hardest thing to do. Gabriel came out and did the Maori dance with a stick and then Gabriel went to the corner and Rita came out from the corner with a knife and did the Samoan dance and then the dragon came on the stage and walk around Rita.

The dragon went of the stage and went outside and then this boy came with one wheeled bike and ride it across. Saadiya and her Sister were doing the Indian dance and also the song was cool too. When it was finish they all went of the stage and we all clap for them as they were going off. I can’t wait for the next Fia Fia dance.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What if I was rich

If I was rich and famous I will buy me some new shoes and be a singer. I would buy me better houses with some pools or make me a skate pack at the back of my house and buy me a mongoose bike too. I would work in Australia and get more money and see all my family there. I would practice singing like Michael Jackson and practice my dance move so then I can get better.

I would change the world into a better future like paper on the ground or no bad things happens to people . With my money I would upgrade the police cars so it can go faster and the other cars too. I would send some money to my brothers, sisters and my Mum, Dad. I would help people if they were sick or had cancer I would sing to them or give money to the hospital to heal them fast.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All about me

A friend is like a shade tree.                                      I love you more than applesauce.
Beside a summer way.                                             Than peaches and a plum.
A friend is like the sunshine.                                     Than chocolate hearts.
That makes a perfect day.                                        And cherry tarts.
A friend is like a flower.                                             And berry bubble-gum.
That’s worn close to the heart.                               
A friend is like a treasure.                                          I love you more than lemonade.
With which one will not part.                                      And seven -layer cake.
                                                                                  Than lollipops.
                                                                                  And candy drops.
                                                                                  And thick vanilla shake.
                                                                                  I love you more than marzipan.
                                                                                  Than marmalade on toast.
                                                                                  For I love pies.
                                                                                  Of any size.
                                                                                  But I love you the most.