Monday, October 29, 2012

My Weekend

On the Weekend I went to the bmx tracks. I got ready and went down with my friends and there names were Lorenzo, Logan, Anthony and me went all together to the bmx when we got there we had a challenge who was the best. I went first and I did a bunny hop and a big jump over the big ramped and then lorenzo went went down and he did the same thing as me it was kind of scary when I zoom down the hill I did a big jump. It was a hot day when we were riding we had a race on all of the tracks but Logan came last and Lorenzo and I came a tie.

After that we went to drop of Lorenzo we went to his house and then we went. Logan and I went back home but I went to the pool next door to my house I got my togs and went over I went in and went to the cold pool. It was so cold that I was going to freeze to death so I went to the other pool the hot won. I stay there for a little while and then I left I went home and went to sleep the End.

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