Friday, June 29, 2012

Art reflection

This term 2 reflection was alright because I didn’t like art that much. Our reflection was art alive because when we grow up we could be a artist like Henri Matisse or Vincent vongo they are both really good at drawing and they are a artist too. There are lots of artist in the world like pablo picasso he draw a face and mix it up and change it but he leave the face and draw another face and make it detail.

This term was a bast because it was cool. I hope next term is better than art alive like space or boxing but i don't know what it going to be but I thing its going to be fun or not. My reflection was alright but my best art was Henri matisse and my other one was pablo picasso because it look real or 3d.

I hope we have another great term.

Super room

My Special place is at home with the family because I can help my Mum to do the washing or clean up the house. Some times my Mum and Dad get tired and go to sleep while I clean. They have a rest but sometimes they do all of the work so they take a break. 
I like to clean up my room because it looks tidier and when people come in it won't be a mess.
I choose my room because it is my special place. It’s more tidy and cleaner than my old room before. My room is my special place because it’s nice and warm and that is important to me. 
My artist that I have picked is Vincent Van Gogh because I like the colour and the detail. His technique is very interesting.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jenny and jack

Once upon a time there lived two kids named Jenny and Jack they lived in a huge tower. The two kids were locked in their tower, forbidden to leave the tower until the king lets them free. The reason for them locked away is because their dad was a thief and murderer of the great kingdom of Glen Innes. Their dad had died while trying to flee the lord's army but he got stabbed by the king with a spear. So the dad could not get punished. The mental and cruel king chose to punish his two kids instead of the dad. But the kids made it down from their keep at the top of the tower to see if they could try escape. Their luck was good because the guard forgot to lock the gates so they peeked through to see if there were any guards on the other side of the gate.

Jenny noticed a chalkboard and read it, it had the timetables of when the guards go for a break 10.00a.m-12.01p.m. While they read about the timetables, the guards took a break they know what to do to escape from the guards so they ran and saw the king sitting down on his chair but the king called for his guards and the guards rushed to the scene but luckily the gate was still open so they ran. Then Jenny tripped up and yelled help, but the guards shut the gate closed.

So Jack saw the king and knocked as hard as he could on the door while he was screaming please let her go but the king said leave my kingdom and never return. So he disappeared through the forest grounds and into the kingdom of Pt England never to be seen.11 years after he was banished he went to the king of Pt England to ask him for help, he pleaded “Lord Nazok please help me on a journey to save my sister” and he responded “yes neff I will help you on your journey to save the thing that means most to you”.

Thank you my king we need to figure out a plan how to attack the enemy Glen Innes. So they fought of a plan and attacked G.I     

Monday, June 11, 2012

Static image

The snake have a good background because it got lots of detail and there a little light and dark at the back. The snakes colud small somthings like a spider  or anything and my best part of it is the skin because its nice and soft. I like the snakes because it look like it going to get some thing or jump at some one.
                                                             The Static image
The picture is all about it helping each other and saving her eggs or her babies.