Monday, November 28, 2011


On Sunday I went to the beach with my family. I was waiting for the water to come in but it took long to get in. I just made sandcastle and there was a big rock with water in it that why got so dirty and wash my self down. After that I saw my friend Studamyer we throw rock at the sea.

And then we went home.

Friday, November 25, 2011


On 2012 when the earth going to end I went to Mars and saw alien. I did not no what to do but peeing my pants but the alien did not kill me so we just had a talk. After the that we just play games and it was hide in go seek but I just went in my ship and I went and few away.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Camp 2

So I went walking to my cabin and buddy was Jesiah, Dillon, Lorenzo and studz but he was not here so my team got ready and got change into our own cloths to started our Activity So we all got ready and went down to swimming. There was fish and lots of thing at the beach so I watch my friends swim and booming in to the beach and then we move to our other Activity was rock climbing. This was my best high light for camp I went up first and then my friend Jesiah did it so fast and he did the moon walk. 1 Horus later we started to pack up and then we went to the boat and went back to school and went that for today bye.

Camp 1

On Monday I got ready for camp. I got all of my staff ready for camp at night time and name them so I went to bed and had a good sleep. I woke up in the morning at 7am I got ready and brush my teeth and said bye Mum and Dad and I went to camp but we reload all of our bag on the bus and went to Kawa island. I was watching TV on the bus and it was a very very long ride so I fell asleep in the bus and then I woke up and we got there.

We unload the bus and put them on the boat and went to Kawa island. It took like 1 Horus to get there but I didn't care so me and my friend Jesiah play some games on the boat. After that we got their and the water was so cold that my friend went to go and swim but I didn’t? to be Continue go down to part 2 bye

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Film festival

On Wednesday my class and I went to the hall. First we had to go on the bus and we went there when we got there we went to go and walk to the movie but it was not far to walk there and the little kids came with us. After the that we have to hold the kids hand we went and in size the movie and sat down and waited I was watching the add of the paranormal activity 3. It was so scary that I was going to run away but I didn't so I face the other way and waited for the movie to start.

Finally the movie begin and the first movie was billy t that won was my best one. It show him being funny and singing all kind of staff bye.