Friday, October 28, 2011


In the holiday I went to the movie with my family. The movie we watch was the spy kids in 4D we by pop corn and a drink and waited for the movie to begin. 5 minute later it started it was talking about the time keeper and try to get the ring so the step Mum help the spy to catch him. The girl always get in trouble and the boy and they always play games and then it came to the last part and the hole family come and save the day that all for to day spy kids.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

immersions Assembly

On Tuesday the 25 of October we had immersions Assembly. My class and I we went to go and set down in the hall my teacher dress up as a planets.Then Mr Burt came he was talking about our topic which was outta this World and telling a story part of our topic it was about Maui. He was the one who could New Zealand that why he told us and then term 5 movie started and it was star wars.

It show them fighting. The movie was funny the face was cut of and it was like kind of real bye.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hi this is my picture that I draw. I draw Dan carter, Richie Mccaw, Johna- lomu and Billy salter Just for my post about the rugby but my favourite player is Johna lomu. Hes one of the best player because he run up and tackle them that why he my favourite player. Who do you racket who the best player My one is Johna lomu your one could be Dan carter or any of the all blacks.