Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pt England Vs Koru School

On Thursday The girls had a game and it was their Koru final. They were Vsing against Koru school they were warming up and getting ready for their game. They got ready and went inside the fan and when they got their they got out of the fan and went on to the fields and put their gears on the ground.

They went to go and challenge the Koru team. The Koru kick to Pt England and the Girls team pick up the ball run and share the ball to each other and doing moves and they had skills the Pt England got the try and we're winning too. The girls were not showing off or tising them but the girl did well on their game but it was a draw but no one wins.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Cross Country

On Friday I went to go change my clothes in the boys toilets. I went to sit down in my line with the 12 years old group. When I was lining up to start the race I was nervous and kind of shaking a bit when Mr Burt was about to say go. I was ready to run but while waiting for Mr Burt to say go my legs were aching. Boom! went the clappers. I went to jog with my mates. As we were running Deedee was coming 1st out of the race.

We ran around the corner on the muddy and slippery ground. As I ran on the field, I entered the wet, puddly and gooey mud with my friends near the bush walk. As we were running through the scary brush walk we saw lots of trees and dirty water just on the side but when I got to the step and it  was slippery. So I took my time running and sometimes walking I stop and had a break near the Pt England gates. I was dizzy and kind of wobbling too.

I ran out to the fields and I saw Ms King and Mrs Lagitupu. I was running on the muddy ground and my shoes almost came out so I went around the cones to the dry grass. My legs were covered in mud even my shoes. I kept on running and I was close to the finish  line. I went near the 4 little wooden poles near the gate and ran my fastest to the finish line. I came 13th or 14th place but I didn’t care.

I was exhausted and thirsty and I felt great about it.