Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp concert

On Tuesday I went to the camp concert. My team and I were watching people dancing on the stage and then it was my team to dance. We went hard out but our one was a bit hard. Our dance was from the movie ‘Boy’ (Poi e). I was so shy that I wanted to go off but then my dance finished and I was so happy that I got off.

It was the next team and their one was pretty good. Lepa’s team song was ‘hey baby’. And then they got off the stage and the judge was thinking that who won and then they called out who came 4rd, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st. The Respect Squad came 6th and the Respect Crew came first.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kane Camp

On Sunday I went to go and pack my stuff up for camp. When I did that I went to sleep and woke up in the morning and had breakfast I walk down to my School and put my bag in the hall. It was a raining day and my team and I went to do roller blades and table tennis I did roller blades first.

It was my first time blading in my whole life. I went to go around the whole school and it was pretty good I was racing and doing moves but Potaua was the best. I took of the roller blades and play table tennis I was the best at table tennis but then Dillon came and wasted me.

After that I did the amazing race. My partner and I spilt in two my other partner went to go and get the egg and fire and I got wood and tin we got ready and put the tin on the ground. So we light up the fire and cook up the egg we use the spoon to flip the egg over so it can’t get burnt and we were the first one to make ours.

Friday, March 2, 2012


On Friday my class and I went to the picnic. We got ready and call out the roll and after that we went to the hall, Mr Burt was counting how much parents was coming with us. When Mr Burt did that we walk down to the beach and sat down again so Mr Burt told us the roles about safety and then we could play but we put our bag down by the tree and went out to play.

First I went to go and set up the Cricket and my mates came and help me set up the Cricket. I was the first one to bat so when my friend throw the ball I was ready to wrack the ball hard I ran 9 times and then I got tired and my friend got me out I took a rest under the tree and ate my lunch. I got back up and walk around the sand and then I went to go and build me a sand castle and busting it down and redo it again.

I saw the little kids playing and throwing tiny rock, splashing and swimming. It was my turn to swim and then I went to go and jump into the sea water I went on someone Else back and playing water fight in the sea water. And when we went to go and leaf so I got ready and got change in to my uniforms I got my bag and went back to school and sat down in my class.

I waited for the bell to ring and went back home and fell asleep My best part was swimming.