Sunday, August 1, 2010

Favourite Camp Story February

At camp I went to Skateland. It was fun because I was going too fast. Then we had a race and I lost. After that we went to Ten Pin Bowling. First I got a strike and then another strike. At the end Michael had won. After that we went to rock climbing. I went on the biggest wall. It was hard. Then we went in the dark cave. Our shoes glowed on the wall when we climbed up in the cave.It was cool and scary because the cave was getting harder and bigger. Then we went to walk down to Tamaki College. We played touch there before we had to go and have a shower. James, Lorenzo, Max and I were playing touch. We were winning. After that we went to have dinner and it was delicious. Next we had dessert. Then we went to get our blanket to watch Willy Wonka. It was cold outside. Then we went to brush our teeth and we went to sleep. When we went to sleep it was cold. In the morning we had breakfast. It was yum. Then we went to do kayaking I was going too slow and my hand was sore when I was going slow. After that we went to cook damper. It was yum but my one was burnt.

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