Monday, September 13, 2010

Rugby Prize Giving

On Saturday we had our rugby prize giving to give out trophies. There were lots of trophies on the table. We got ready to give out trophies for the 6yr olds up to 15yr old team.
I won 2 trophies. I won the player of the year and top try scorer. Some of the other teams had more trophies than me. There were 5 small and 1 big trophies to give out. 6 year olds got 3 and 8yr olds got 1. There were 2 more trophy left 1 small trophy and 1 big trophy and I got the biggest trophy out of the team. I was so happy that I got the biggest trophy.


Mrs Tele'a said...

That's fantastic Kane! I bet your parents and family were very proud of you. I'm so glad to read here that you have played rugby all season and won the awards you did. I certainly will be keeping a close eye on you when our school rugby team play next. Well done Kane. Keep the hard work going!

Crusader said...

Hey Kane
That was a great post bout your prize-giving. Wow you must of had a awsome year of rugby. keep up the great posts Kane.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kane that was a exciting post about your rugby prize giving. It was very cool especially your trophy man thats big.