Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bruce lee

In the Weekend me and my Dad was watching a Movie called Bruce lee. He is strong, and he fight fast. He fight the bad people and Help the good people Because they are try to kill Bruce- lee. Bruce lee this Chinese Boxing and kick boxing too him and his Dad was fighting all of the bad people.

At the end they were so anger that they were wining and losing. Some of the bad people were wining and bruce lee got anger and his Dad and started fighting. There were four more to go and bruce lee kill two and his Dad kill one. there was just one more man and his name was called jet lee bruce lee Dad want it a fight with jet lee.

Bruce lee Dad was wast it and jet lee kick him in the face and he fall down and he died. Bruce lee got anger and kick Jet lee and he fall down and bruce lee was kicking him he had blood all over him and he died the end.