Friday, April 8, 2011


On Wednesday I went in a car to Squash in Punmure and Squash was one of my favorite activity and skate-land too. When we got there we were waiting for the door to open after the that we walk around the Punmure Basement because the door was lock. When we got back the door was open and we went to listen how to play Squash when we did that we went to play. I won 3 games and I lots 2 games when it was my turn again I was vsing my teacher and I lots by 4 point and I had 0.

When we did that we went to skate-land skate was my best one. I got my skate shoes and started skate. When I went to skate I was coming 1st and some time I was coming last too. We play racing games and we had a race and I came 3rd as my race on cross country. After the that we had a little play and we play Limbo too.

When we play limbo I was wining and when it was almost finish I lost. When lost I went to go and skate with my friend and my teacher I was riding as fast as lightning. I was beating my teacher. Me and him was having a race and I won. After the that we went to have lunch and we went back to school the end.

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