Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Usher Story

Long long time ago there was a man called usher. He sang lots of songs and his first song was with Justin Bieber. They were recording the song too. Their song was somebody to love. When they did that they sang another song but it was just Usher singing by himself. His song was DJ got us falling in love again. He was happy when he was singing. After that they were thinking about a new song to sing. Usher wanted to sing with Justin Bieber, he said yes their song was baby too.
When he did that he went to ask Justin Beber if he wanted to come to watch Usher sing and he said yes and Usher's song was called omg. After that they took a beak by the step and started eating their food. It was a pie and some cookies. Usher went home and Justin Bieber went home too and they were tired because they were singing lots of songs. They sang one more song and it was called one time. When they finished they went back home and went to sleep. (Click on the song and it will show you the song)

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