Friday, June 29, 2012

Super room

My Special place is at home with the family because I can help my Mum to do the washing or clean up the house. Some times my Mum and Dad get tired and go to sleep while I clean. They have a rest but sometimes they do all of the work so they take a break. 
I like to clean up my room because it looks tidier and when people come in it won't be a mess.
I choose my room because it is my special place. It’s more tidy and cleaner than my old room before. My room is my special place because it’s nice and warm and that is important to me. 
My artist that I have picked is Vincent Van Gogh because I like the colour and the detail. His technique is very interesting.


Grant O'Connor said...
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Grant O'Connor said...

Hi Kane,

I like the description you gave of why your house is your special place and why you chose to draw your bedroom.

Mr. O'Connor